Day: April 11, 2016

League of Legends: New skins for Lissandra and Soraka

  سكن/شكل جديد لسوراكا و ليساندرا من لعبة ليج اوف ليجيند السعر 1350 آر بي لكل سكن New Skins for Soraka and Lissandra from League of Legends. Cost is 1350 RP for Each skin The following is quoted from Riot website “Life is precious and fragile. Like your loved ones. They deserve nothing but the best, top-quality care. Program Lissandra and Program Soraka are here to help. Features include: ✔ Rigorous rounds of testing ✔ Latest firmware upgrades ✔ Unmatched analytical skills Rest easy knowing your home and family are under constant care and surveillance. You are in perfectly...

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