Day: April 21, 2016

Jason Bourne – Official Trailer

اليكم اول دعاية رسمية لفلم جيسن بورن ومن بطولة مات ديمن وسوف يعرض على شاشات السينما في تاريخ 28-7-2016 The First Trailer Of Jason Bourne Starring Matt Damon And Will Be Shown in Cinema 28-7-2016 Share !...

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Hearthstone Patch 5.0 changes

مع اطلاق التطوير الجديد 5.0 للعبة هيرثستون بتاريخ 26/4/2016 ستم تغيير بعض البطاقات with patch 5.0 for Hearthstone coming in 26/5/2016, some cards will change. Ancient of Lore — Reduced the number of cards drawn from 2 to 1 Force of Nature — Lowered mana cost to 1, removes Charge and makes summoned Treants permanent Keeper of the Grove — Stats have been changed from 2 attack/4 health to 2/2 Ironbeak Owl — Increased mana cost from 2 to 3 Big Game Hunter — Increased mana cost from 3 to 5 Hunter’s Mark — Increased mana cost from 0...

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