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Poke bank to the rescue!

Nintendo now has a new service for all of you poke maniacs out there, if you want to make sure that you dont lose your precious pokemons all you have to do is save them online to the new service which is called Pokemon bank. Now for the benifits of the bank: 1- incase you lost your game data on your console all you have to do is get online and get your pokemons back, its called a bank 2-You can store up to 3000 Pokemons! 3-you can deposit pokemons from multiple games like from both Pokemon X &...

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No more lag in Dota2!!

If you are a fan of dota and now you are trying out Dota2 but frustrated from the big lag you are having, well rejoice coz according to the Development department of the Dota team announced on there Reddit account and  there Dev. forum that there will be a new middle east server and its location will be in dubai and it should be ready by march of this year…. SWEET!! اذا كنت من عشاق لعبة دوتا واحببت ان تجرب الجزء الثاني منها ولكن اللاق باطك بط (لازم تنقال بالكويتي لانها الحقيقه) ، اذا ابتهج لتعلم انه تم الاعلان...

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Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn for PS4, More features for smoother playing

As every one been wondering what else could there be for FF XIV the PS4 version that makes it different from its sister on the PS3 other than better graphics, well this video that was done posted by Sony it self on Youtube will show how smoother it has become. الجميع يتساءل اذا كان هناك اي اختلاف في لعبة فاينل فانتاسي نسخة البليستيشن ٤ عن اختها على البليستيشن ٣ وذلك غير تعدل وضوح الغرافيكس ، الفيديو الذي تم نشره من سوني نفسها على اليوتيوب سوف يبين كيف اختلف اسلوب اللعب واصبح اكثر سهولا ويسرا من البلي ستيشن ٣ The...

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Yaiba Ninja gaiden Z, Playing with the bad guy is endless fun

Before going through this kindly notice the trailer is mostly for the age of 16+ قبل البدء في الموضوع يرجى العلم ان الاعلان هو لمن هم فوق ١٦+ سنه ——————————————————————————————— Most of you if not all have played Ninja Gaiden before, I mean who doesnt want to be a freaking ninja?!! , Well you can do it one more time soon but the thing is, You are playing with the opposite side, as we usually play with the legendary Ryu Hayabusa this time we will be playing with his enemy Yaiba who seeks revenge for his death that happened by...

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Games into movies, This is going to be CRAZY!!

After the major announcement of Ratchet & Clank being turned into a movie, gamers around the globe and specialy the fans of The thief raccoon, Sly cooper, are so fascinated to know that the game will also have its own movie which will be released to the movie theaters on 2016 …. I know long time to wait but time fly by and we demand a great movie. بعد الاعلان عن لعبة راتشت وكلانك وتحويلها الى فلم سنمائي  , اللاعبون حول العالم وخصوصا عشاق الراكون اللص سلاي كوبر سعيدون عندما تم الاعلان عن صنع فلم للعبه والذي سوف يتم عرضه...

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Your own way to become a thief!

The new thief game which will be released to the market on feb 27 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 & xbox one. this is conisdered one of the most anticipated games for this year among other games like Infamous: second son & Titan’s fall لعبة ثيف الجديده “اللص” والتي سوف تصدر في الاسواق بتاريخ ٢٧ فبراير ٢٠١٤ وستكون على الاجهزه بليستيشن ٣، بليستيشن ٤ ،اكس بوكس ٣٦٠ واكس بوكس ون. وتعتبر هذه اللعبه من بين اكثر الالعاب انتظارا اللاعبين على غرار الالعاب الاخرى مثل انفيموس سكند سن وتاتينز فول. what make’s this game different than any other...

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